conversations for the betterment of humankind

easy to preach to the choir
how to deprogram the right
lost in trumpism … that’s the real question

educated people
people that know tricks
and see through rhetoric
designed to lead sheep by the nose…

are already aware and need no convincing

but what to say to those caught in manic uproar of trump
what to say….

“do you have children?”
“well you sure must hate them.”

“do you know what a nuclear bomb is?”
“it means we’re all screwed, there is no such thing as winning a nuclear war.”

“do you know how weak it is for a leader to use name-calling?”
“it means they are down to their last arrow, and even their last arrow is that weak.”

“do you know what delusional is?”
“do you understand that trump is still citing his republican wins WITH REPUBLICANS in blue states as reasons for believing he will win that state in the election?”
“do you understand that he is either that stupid or he thinks you are that stupid?”

“do you know the office of president is an adult position?”
“we need an actual adult in the whitehouse, not a spoiled, name-calling 70 year old child that is more interested in fans and popularity than he is in actually doing any real work.”

“do you get that our enemies are the ones that want trump to win, not our allies?”
“our enemies want to vote for trump”

“do you think it’s smart to take the political party with the most guns, and make them even more paranoid and crazy?”

“there is no way we are going to get out of this election without violence at the polls. do you understand trump has created a monster, and he has no way to control it?”

“he is not going to be the one hurting. he’ll fly off, leave it all behind and call it a bankruptcy. he won’t pay for all the damage caused. stiff everyone and leave them with the bill.”

“how many charismatic leaders do you know that aren’t in it for the money and the stroke to their own ego?”

and then they say, “yea, but hillary is a crook.”

“because donald says so? name-calling. when he is the crook and he is the loser. he is so much like Cartman that i think southpark should scream copyright infringement.”

“hillary is a liar …”
“and the liar trump told you that? trump has had so many pants on fire alerts that the fact checking sites are going crazy with business.”

“and btw … he just takes everything that is wrong with him and says it belongs to everyone else. he doesn’t own anything he does and never takes responsibility. and then expects everyone to forget that HE is the actual crook if he calls someone else that all the time. puts him on a moral high-horse for that issue, when he has no right to act superior. and he knows it, it’s a game he plays. it’s like that last arrow in his quiver, it’s weak. it all spells weak and all these rednecks want to put this sorry, weak excuse for a man in the whitehouse!”

“well … hillary will probably get it anyway.”

“i know. remember i said you all should have gone with jeb bush?

it’s not that big a deal. i think it’s like they say on that space alien movie, ‘a person is smart, but people are dumb, scary creatures.’

i think that’s what it comes down to — all that group think. and trump is really too stupid to be moving the masses. he’ll move them right off a cliff.”

“speaking of cliffs, can i help you down, now?”

“yes — let’s go get some lunch.”


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