trajectory finds its own space

when writing, it is the imagined audience
or person
often better to write to one person

it’s the target audience
that matters
i switch mine all about
and i know who addressed
gets better response

because what we say changes
according to who we say it to

and consistency can happen, sure
and might be what we call “finding yourself”

i know the worst person, the worst audience
for me … is me. when talking to me, to clarify
something in my own sphere — i totally lose everyone

like this one

and it’s boring and i know it

hahahahaha … and i’m sorry

just wanted to write while i thought about how
what is spoken so often changes according to the recipient

and when thoughts are scary
i want them down
where i can see and touch and feel and get
a sense of what made it scary

because if everybody is changing according to
the recipient, then your recipient is not even your
recipient, but the one that THEY are changing to accommodate
a sort of chain reaction that dumbs everyone down at once?

and there is the always having to be right

escaping that involves acknowledging that others could be better
could be smarter or even just more lucky

but it’s that objective view of others as having potential
not the placing yourself under one supreme power

that’s why all that higher power stuff is all wrong
it just mostly has a person maintain their arrogance and
believe that they are under god but in that placement are then
above everyone else.

and that’s so far out of range that it is a delusional life
not a whole lot of reality there

i like to see how others are better than me at different things
and generally i don’t give myself anything that i’m good at

just don’t want to set myself up for that kind of failure
if it’s the one thing you are best at
and then find someone who is better — leaves you in a pickle
so i prefer to pick nothing
jack of all trades, would rather tackle everything
and leave the judging to others

the audience — the person you are talking to when you write

that is the fulcrum the apex the anchor

if i imagine a crowd, i speak poorly
if i imagine one or a group — i speak well

and if i am talking to myself
it’s also poor

if i am talking to imagined enemies
it is strong …. but sometimes i pull out all the stops

because pretty much don’t let on
how far my thoughts can go

it never seems to help for others to know how smart you are
and often helps for them to think you are not

but i don’t need to be liked

that’s the other thing …. to just work to be liked is on the pathetic side

no… art is something else. it’s part wanting something to last forever
it’s part the mastery of shape and form
part the self-soothing continuation of beauty and what
beauty might mean at different times and different places

and it’s part the audience — who is listening?
no — who the writer imagines is listening

it is the audience and that is the tell in so many
so many writes and you then know that time and those
people. not from the story told, but how they tell it
by who they are talking-to.

if someone is speaking at a fourth grade level
that means they believe they are talking to fourth graders
it means they have that low an opinion of others
OR that they do not have the language capability themselves

but the language has been going downhill
the level the newspapers at much lower than
just a few decades ago

has all gone downhill so that the norm is less
about being educated and more about being universal

higher language is better but we are monkey see monkey do
and so all go down this path together because it is easier
to not have to think as you read

it is easier to ratchet thoughts into order
that are already there in cliche form

and that is lazy — and i am guilty, too — oh end up
finding a work that is well-written. where i have to pause
to think on things. and i don’t finish it. i hoard it, like
the favorite cookies that never get eaten. i save it for a
rainy day when the language has me so down that i cannot find
any sort of encouragement from anything from THIS century.

no not at all … we don’t have any greats.

we have newspapers that cater to the least common denominator

instead of the median. i don’t know why — though i do know why

for greed

and i can’t even figure out greed yet

it’s all in your own perceptions of whether you have a lot or a little
and it’s all in gratitude whether can even enjoy

but yep, the greed has done a lot in

and the target audience is anyone that will buy
so they look for the weakest of the bunch

they look for those that can be moved

and the strong are silenced
the strong are put away someplace … and that is

but there are many trying to turn things around

can get better

sometimes i play weak

because i don’t know how that actually works

more falling stars this week
all kinds of trajectories

i hope lots of wishes are made
true is the heart that sees them to their ends


3 Replies to “trajectory finds its own space”

  1. This resonates among your best Eileen. I marvel at the journey your thoughts convey, the idiosyncrasies of the human condition, our purpose, our convention, greater realities. Were we to target our recipients would the message convey as by design or otherwise intentional? By design to fall in the laps of others less intentional or alternative purpose reasoned?

    The language diluted for broadest engagement, our conveyance a fusion of words meant to be. When we stumble and fall are the words but forgotten or obstacles scattered on the path least taken?

    I feel better for having digested your words, a leaven of syllables, sentences phrased. In their rising would our journey yield to its reason or succumb as a blanket of least resistance?

    1. there is the sense of the largest possible audience. if targeted, then that reading level might go up or down. but yes, it leaves some readers out of the realm of influence. the biggest problem of our generation is the reduction of reading in favor of tv

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