given to understand 

for probationary forever
lost never a silence
ground down
forbidden upon incendiary
and inflammatory
the better part of reduction
for gravitas and

crawling onward when
forward is the shroud
the cover
sight beginning
to breach
to speak outloud

when the under treats in drifts
when the fuse returns to lift

when the craven have their way …

but what for my day
what for my day?

what is given
to under stand? how is this home?
with love so far away

to show you how this forms
i would need to bring the every
round to nothing
sit you down
and show how time was never true
or mean

between the three, the two

so therefore all
will break and shape
if mind decides
on bind
and fate forthwith
unto the furthermore …

what branch controls this score
when all of tree
shall shake?

a wonder
what souls make
and quiet pounds such pounds
to take

i was the lone because i saw no
no wit
and therefore my reduction is a price
from byte to bit
a norm
a consequence
to shudder all the round

the stand that under
takes for given



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