cleansed by dreams

the many thoughts that come and go
that tease the mind
more than you know….

i was sure of myself, once
now mostly sure that nothing
is permanent
and if you can’t enjoy the now
you will not enjoy the tomorrow

matter of looking

the nature of stress for needs
hopes to get done

the catch twenty twos and the no
way outs
dead ends and paths that might bring
some solution
all takes the backseat
to maintaining my back
for pain is a thing that only cripples
when it is inescapable

i want my legs
it’s not a huge request
want my legs under me,

so that walks might be long
and arduous
but not also filled
with continual
screams for endurance

what more do i have to prove?
not a lot
only that there became a time
i did not care because left that to others…

and only know that so much
of every future is manufactured
into complacency

there is a place i can go
and dive under all … angst? retrition?
i hold it away from my breath
not really numb
but a disengage … removal?
times ripen to not guide any flow
the simple
is not the simple mind…minded

the day is daring and bright
the sun is warm
the flowers are happy
the storm came in the night

and is now gone



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