and beholden debts are seldom true

i know
have been lost in political
going over approach

have no answer
to ones lost in admiration
for what they consider wealthy

see, to me
the person serving lunch at
the homeless shelter
is wealthy
the one caring for their elderly
parent, is wealthy
the person simply giving a
smile when a smile
is all the world needs …
they are wealthy

are those to admire
to emulate …
to aspire to that kind of

and i have no answer
to those captivated by dollar signs
that they think the world
the world! is in currency somehow
it is a fear
i see that much – a fear of
life without money

no trust in people
in community
i suppose i have had no choice at times
and have not only worked in the food bank
but have received from the food bank
have not only given donations
but have received housing once
when homeless … i have been on
both sides of every fence possible

because for me
for my life …
wealthy is experience
is not just knowing
but is going there,

and in that, i am the richest person
on earth
you think money makes you wealthy, mr. trump?
because you find true friends
only when you are down
you find true faith
only when every other path is sealed

and you find real love
and self-actualization
only by putting others first
with no regard for self
no plan for reward
no final goal to be the bestest winner
that ever won at ever winning the bestest win you ever could win
love is the maturity found in
no real purpose but the understanding
that if somebody has to do it

by God, i will!

it has been a very rich life
a very wealthy array of memories and
beauty … beauty in the mountains
the streams, the wealth that is america …

all saved in here, the heart — where life actually lives
dedication and strength
land that does not belong to me, because
i belong to it

and that’s wealth
i don’t know why you all are confused on that
think it’s how fancy your home or
numbers from a bank that are only
abstract fortifications for self-worth

why you think success is in spending
and show

the actual self-worth is from the inside
and has absolutely nothing to do
with what you get

and everything to do
with what you can give

mr. trump is actually a very, very poor man

so i have no answer
for those enamored in the
“i want to be just like him … follow!”
for the rich man with little else to his name

i don’t know how to explain to them
that life is so much more
that life is so full of the wealth in people’s hearts

if they can’t already see that
if it is no part of THEIR experience
i don’t know how to fix
that difficulty in coming to grips
with a life
i don’t know how to fix

the showing
the many believing they are owed
desire and comfort

think if they scream loud enough they’ll get it
because they don’t get it
they don’t get it at all

you don’t gain stature by showing off
you don’t magically get a better life
by hating minorities or by sneering at immigrants
you are looking in the wrong direction
to feed your hunger…

those people are hungry
i see that much
but they want america to belong to them
anxious for more hunger
more empty
more discontentment

contentment is out of reach because
america is something that owes them baubles
it isn’t!
great is when i can look up
at the wasatch mountains
and feel so small and so very big at the same time
that is what great is

and all the wealth in this world is right at your feet
at everyone’s feet
holding you up and
holding you together at the same time

pity is for fools
and i’m a sucker and a fool
but i have wealth beyond count
so much wealth
in the simple touch of sunshine
in the smile
when i think about a friend
who lost her husband to a war so long ago

… and i think how we aren’t just a nation
something to say we are the same
we are the people who leave home only to find it
once again in the smile of everyone they meet
the rest is trappings

in the connections and reverberations
that span time and souls
of so much space … so much space
wealth is not a bank account
was never a bank account or numbers
all those scribbles

wealth is knowing how much knowledge you don’t have
it is building bridges on top of the ones you burned
it is finding answers where the questions are knee deep…

wealth is in the heart… in every heart
there is a big difference between hope and hopeless
there are many exceedingly rich people on this earth
many lives and loves
living and loving
a wealth that thrives
because of people that can stand tall
stand proud
and know that they never stand alone



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