she walked in the garden

filled to the brim with politics
what is possible
what is not
brash confidence doesn’t win
an election
there are simply more blue
the electoral collage

so many terrified of
having a woman in charge
makes me wonder
how many moms beat their
children …

the crazy facts that are
made up yearnings
that mom fails …
as it happened
not paying
AS decisions
were being made

they didn’t watch the game
only listened after
to replays and pundits

screaming that a player
missed the basket
or a team somehow lost
when they were not watching
the game … when they don’t even
know the score
let alone the stakes

so filled with politics
and ready to turn back to life
i did watch the game, btw
so hatred of her leaves me baffled

foreign newspapers
raw video footage
currency values
stock marketS
not just ours
corporate races to
top 40
usa war economy
personal reports
from poets in other
in other US states …
every diplomatic visit
by usa to other nations
rebelion and war
middle East conferences

I watched and made up my own

She walked in the garden
Discussing the future with China
A female not allowed
To be present
As Obama spoke with them
But she walked in the garden
And that is why
I’m with her

The rest is whatever it is
I watched the game as it happened
And that was heck of a shot
from someone
sitting on the bench

far as the molehill
made into a mountain of benghazi
…decision was
Made by the navy
The brass decided to not
Go in because too volatile
Decision was made in less than five minutes
I watched as it happened
Moaned myself but
Knew they knew better than me
It was strategy

Had to do with entire regions
Not just the one
And I was the one who posted
That the uprising was from the
Video… That was me trying to make
Sense of it
But in the middle of battle
The brass are trusted
To make the call
And it was a hard call
We were in range to go in
Guns blazing
But the brass chose not to fall
Into that trap
They know better than me (a citizen) or politicians
Know better than any diplomat
on strategy

without that hold might be fighting
Full wars in Syria and Libya
Right now…

they didn’t phone home
they made a decision on the field
and the rest is backing up our own brass
but as secretary of state
when speaking with china
hillary walked in the garden
walked in the garden after the meetings
were through
the meetings a woman was not allowed to attend
and she could have stayed away
could have sulked in a hotel room
but she walked in the garden
and it wasn’t her nature or decorum
but how the chinese
listened ….i watched them listen
a bridge
a bridge for peace
and cooperation sorely needed

hillary walked in the garden …
refused to stay on the sidelines
refused to be shut out
refused to believe she was less
because a woman …
and did her job anyway

i don’t listen to pundits
pushing the plays they want you to see
i watch the game as it happens
make up my own mind
i know that strong is strong
i know that faith is faith
i know dedication is dedication

hillary clinton walked in the garden
and that’s why
i’m not only with her
i am with the united states of america

because we all need to walk in those gardens
we all need to find the better paths to peace


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