the emperor didn’t want clothes anyway

i think the reason people
take that as a truth
is because they want
to believe persistence is insane
but also want to say
you’re stupid if you
don’t try something else
if something doesn’t work

different results are the way of life
you asked her out yesterday
she said no
you asked her out today
she says yes

without failure
there is no contrast for success

trying again is part of the
scientific process
and the only way to confirm
a consistency

if a consistency
has been fully determined
THEN going one more time for the road
can be on the stupid side
stupid and crazy are two different things

if you eliminate
trial and error altogether
after one result … then THAT
is where insanity is hiding
(if that’s what you’re hunting-for)

to not test
and not determine a constant
is pretty much what defines
attention deficit disorder

it is tenacity
that creates a continuum
of life-defining result

there is no greater insanity
than being afraid of insanity
so there are a few things wrong
with a saying it somehow
has something to do
with trying something again

everything is defined
relative to norms
the fear of insanity
is a love of consistency
that precludes originality

so the artist
should be the first one
to deny the relevancy

for what it’s worth
nobody should worry
that they might be insane
i’ll tell you why:
there are more crazy things
in the norms
than there are crazy things
in the crazy
there are more stupid, time-wasting
things in the norms
more stubborn clinging
to custom
to every dream of the absurd
than you will ever find
within any crazy contemplations

no, my friends
your fear of insanity is completely unnecessary
because are already nuts as nuts can be
you are already there

have all just done it all at once
so you don’t notice


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