i think it’s length
but more about the human element
the part that can be compared
pulled up to other lives

we are all looking for mirrors
shining ways to be seen

no perfect way of expressing overt
days that blend and bleed

painted with strokes of dire ostentation
how do birds believe
in air?

what was fair what was
about the past divided into the futures
held by thought and phantasm
gripped by screaming outrage

no help for lost distinction
a day away
a sun to see
in rise for moments bringing

humbled is no humbled grace
there is one thing they cannot be
and waste in strengths
the country known
has known

one day it will be marked
every word
that lost a buffoon his shot
not so sure of win and saying nothing
empty mumbles just to talk
for thought is slow
slow and churning only for the show
the barnum
circus is his stage
gone the rage
the confidence when only yes
is men

no bold refinement brought to curse
the wary clew
what heart, what raff of riff to do
the irony the laugh
the one we DO NOT TRUST
is YOU!
a classic move
accuse opponent
of the very thing you bring
to play
armed with only that

a showman’s ways
all nations looking forward to the days

when old man drumpf is off the errs of waves
effigy to self and self and self
so off for now
off you go!

i have much better things to do
than sick become
from such as you
watched your show but once
and once was one too many times
reality? more like fake and faked duality
the flowers grow
the sun still shines
and life is best
without your grousing
that you never set to rest

old dog with one too many bones
just go home
please go home…

the struggle to believe
a greater purpose carries all
to places where no controversy
pulls at minds and soft prospects
given time
become thought, bewared

for birds shall feel the air
without descriptions of the many
shades of dare
a life set free
in one that only plans
regarding what is up or down
no amble helps reduce
the clown to
to further say

therefore i ask that when
we pray there is no he nor she
no thing of great
or even what is right
before the eyes
instead let all redeem
through countless ties to
and justice
moved by every hope
and task

graft of merry weakness lasts
come down to earth
remain the thinking class
the ones of fuller vision
brought to only

and so the least of men
are where our hearts remain
destined to
be part

one and the same

these are our red, our white, our blue
what is an average soul to do?
but trundle onward with our flag
our hopes that consequence
is not the bag
of marbles lost
upon a marble floor
the click of heals nevermore
to ring for poles of dance
and dregs of chance

i scream enough
we are a nation moved by fear
yet know no fear that justifies
the number of the
many lost to lies and faith
of lowered
abject chimes

begin again and this time
to bank
hold all these colors, same
as when the day was dark
and silence held
the flame of one remark
the whites of eyes
to wait before you let
cruel muskets fly

i scream enough
the choice is done and
while you all have fear
because you cannot see the sun
for every
lighted plain

i will remain
we shall remain a
country where our hopes
are never voiced
because the choice has left
me asking why
it’s all enough

i have no need to fly
i only with the red, the white, the blue
can somehow make tomorrow
flags of best to try all
trials as they
complicate horizons
by the reason that is never
never sane

enough! i cannot bear
your hopes to even stain the air!
to mark all clearly
night and day

when life, it bleeds
it blends … it blends the
time away

hope stems between the gray

to be the next in line
for softly borne the
meek that none inherit
nor replete

our colors our our seat
all song that all could richly climb
……. brazen
………………. word



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