the colors are orange and brown

look up the name on a painting
a shop
a french eatery
answer: paper on social manipulation
better to look away …

wading through the paper
no sense reading through to result
because they began with a
result they were determined to find

doesn’t make it bad
just absolutely boring

the why of it more interesting
manipulation of the masses

done in france, why penned in English?
that is the more interesting thing

ps: language that high is written in english
no way to be a translation

head wants to explode
seems the way of it these days
open eyes and have to see around
the giant boulder
close eyes and a strobe
like the refresh rate is wrong

you wonder why i whine? natter on …

is a matter of being very unsympathetic
to anyone else

the best poetry happens when you have
absolutely nothing to say

it’s the agenda that ruins it
i think about that
suppose the biggest thing is i know
when am doing the poetry wrong
and do it anyway….

eh — thing that will be completely hilarious
is that all the bad poetry
the me of making points and battling issues
will be the longer lasting of the bunch
because is not a style or dependent upon
known modes of interpretation

something bright
complex but simple
angling into the vortex
of commonplace redundancy

time fractures but gives no
counted rainbows
to squint and remember
learning itself and the mind
of owning conclusions

sigh? gives a space for selfishness
and i will open before
spinning to leave the blur

the absolute obscurity
ends justifying no means

medians replace sorrows
it’s all the same

same to me
no relevancy can defeat
the need for silence

pauses and plenitude
failure brought on by horrific countenance
never mind
the ignored part of every prod
lying in wait
with pain left un-metered


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