legacy of oceans and tombs

i am the person who understands
i will be the person who forgets
lifted up
to something
dragged down by worries
it’s never enough

so i sing
and start my day
with something other than hate
so i smile
and find a reason
to keep happiness dear

it’s not about the exit
the finish
or the times when i was empty
holding nothing but a rose
with broken thorns

every day is every day
that i choose
that i chose not to mourn

tears build up and you wonder how you can survive

but it’s good to be alive
it’s good to know
that winners are not the only ones
who live before they dream

it’s good to know
that i’m not perfect
you know what i mean? you probably do…
there are days i’m sure

that i’ve never done enough
and days when enough has done me in

being passionate is not a sin
things that meant a lot to me
nothing means more
than a world that will go on
even when i don’t

a world that will remember
to care at the very heart
like i did
like i do
keep worth and deflection going
love that never ends
bound in every principle by
the very soul of beginnings



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