talking politics at least it’s not religion

the fear that USA might hire someone like Trump for president, has not only horrified a good part of our own nation, but other nations are also afraid. and while the die-hard lead-by-the-whip nature of right wing politics thinks that is a GOOD thing, it is far from good. it establishes distrust between this nation, and her allies. (case in point, are already seeing ramifications, when Turkey thinks it’s ok to even ASK for extradition without establishing evidence. the usa has lost some respect. )

many become caught up in a thrall, and decide that power is more important than diplomacy. it is not.

when ‘voting’ for president, you are hiring a person for a JOB. you are interviewing them for a position, not to determine how great THEY will be, but to create the best possible outcome for the business — for the country. number one on the list, is will he/she show up for work every day? do they have a stable home environment? are they capable of putting in long hours, and thinking outside of the box? will they do what is best for the company, or will they only do what is best for themselves? do they have experience?

do they have experience…..

i do not think it is fair to this nation, to ‘try out’ an inexperienced person, and “see how it goes.” this is not a position of fry cook for your daily lunch truck. this is the office of president. it should hold dignity, as well as respect.

and while the right has had no trouble in completely throwing out tradition, and showing extreme disrespect and scorn for our current employee — who has worked very hard, and against greater odds than many — i do not think a ‘tit-for-tat’ in hiring a very crass person is the way to go. not only is there very little sense in having america shoot herself in her own foot, but the damage — especially in how Trump intends to buddy-buddy with russia — is something from which america may never recover.

our trade depends on good relations with other nations on this earth. and our own economy, depends upon those good relations and trade. if we hire a figurehead such as Trump, who will not stay up late in any sort of worry, who will not put in long hours, and who believes in the easy way out of things — then everything will suffer. not only do we need to hire somebody that actually cares about the job itself, we need to hire someone who is invested in the outcome.

trump is not invested in the outcome, because business is very different from politics. in business you can get just as rich by betting on failure, as by working for success. that is the difference. but there is no room for failure, for the office of the president of the united states. not now. not at this time. we need an employee that is going to work hard, work very hard and DO THIS VERY DIFFICULT JOB.

the only reason i never pushed for Clinton, is because i believe she needs a rest, and has already dedicated many gray hairs to hard work for this nation. i felt it was not fair to burden her yet again with even more hard work–and in many cases, thankless work.

i have been concerned that because she is a woman, she will step up when something needs to be done. face it, men will leave the dirty dishes in the sink until hell freezes over. a woman will say screw it, and do them. doing the dirty dishes of this nation is going to be a heck of a job. but she will have help, with contacts and friendships already established while in her position as secretary of state.

it’s pretty much a no-brainer, but i will ask this anyway. please do not vote for and hire the inexperienced Donald Trump. please remember we are selecting a person to fill a very difficult position. a job that is thankless, with long hours and untold worries. a job that you don’t delegate to others lower-down, but one that you must take on full-force with a dedicated heart and sound mind. we need to hire Hillary Clinton for President. not only is she the best (wo)man for the job–she is the only one who will actually do it.



2 Replies to “talking politics at least it’s not religion”

  1. I frequently think of a character Johnny Carson did the guy with the plaid hat “FLOYD R TURBO AMERICAN” when I see Trump.

    1. see what you mean, looked it up. is kind of like him. same incomprehensible chain of logic. he kept repeating “we’re so going to win” over and over, it was creepy.

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