sleeping in

the better way than sleeping out
oh the morning always a trial
each one as if i tied one on
the night before

with no reason – no variable
but force myself to stay in bed
and low and behold get to arise
without that pressure and pain

hard to describe except to say
that most mornings are like a hangover
with a degree of pain on opening the eyes
that no more rest is possible and
is like awaking to an alarm every morning

when that alarm is just plain hurt
yet when is a sleep-in … a roll over
and even the pillows feel soft and well

body calms and mind has no cause
to breed anxiety … back not hurting
finally in a place it can manage
the sleeping in leaves almost a barrier
around mind …a soul
a vacation where i imagine enough sleep
triggers the brain chemical …
i really don’t know

know only that am grateful for mornings like this
yes i suppose it is serenity
also wonder if every day i am somehow
feeling someone else’s hangover while they
get to drink like a fish and feel NOTHING…
i wonder!

all connects
people are connected
in ways don’t fully grasp
until write a poem that flows into another’s
and another’s … where circles
find the same theme while not collaborating
not looking for that at all

no way not to acknowledge ‘miracle’
it’s all in black and white
time stamps complete
connection mind to mind and heart to heart’s openness
is replete and flowing through
an air that is not only air but the
electricity and space between channels

i know pain gives edge
realize this prompt gives deeper journeys
but to live day after day with a hangover every morning,
and no drink or fun the night before! that
has worn me down to no end

i would just rather not

would prefer to sleep in
where the bed feels exquisite
rather than an alter of torture
from which i must flee

i prefer this day
this sleep-in
where i can truly say
“who cares?” because there is no thorn
pressing upon the paw
no angst looking for points of contest
the need for repair…

i would rather be serene than effective
yes, a coward but so be it
love it when the birds are the first thing heard
notes appearing happy
happy and charmed
regardless of actual state
…regardless of a sun that tames us all



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