if you are going to Go Pokemon, read the privacy policy

i have not read the privacy policy myself, since do not want to give my google account information to the game. so it might have protections guaranteed, but more than likely protects its own interests.

giving location out to google is one thing, with the gps built into phones. sending all that information to a game company is probably not a good idea. there is no way i would send my every movement in to a gaming company, just to play something that really looks kind of boring, anyway. more than anything, i imagine it makes phone owners realize what gps IS and what it does. and if they did not ‘get’ that previously, then the Pokemon Go game would seem really amazing and special. i kind of feel that way with my Here app on my phone. feel almost like a cavemen looking at a zippo lighter. it’s magic!

though does open up possibilities for future programming that employs location and gps information. for instance, if you had an allergy to specific foods, then your phone could warn you as you walked into a restaurant, that some items on the menu might be dangerous. if you had a specific hobby or vocation–in other words, there is a classification you would like to zero in on of points that are visited — then information of that kind could be programmed to automatically come up on a device according to location. if you need to know calories on a menu, for instance. or if you need to know at what elevation are always at, or information regarding water sources.

all this was possible before Pokemon, of course. but the popularity will get people thinking about other possible applications, and overall that goes under “good.”

all kinds of information can be tagged and kept in a data base to access according to location. things that are much more useful than a cartoon animal that more or less represents dog-fighting. why i dismissed it when it was a cartoon. i felt Pokemon was too close to those that hunt for and find and breed dogs, and then pit them against each other.

something that i think is a moral issue, and it feeds into a power-craving to have two other beings fight for your entertainment. like the romans of old … it’s not ‘gym’ — it’s Colosseum. and those human tendencies are really not something that i think need encouragement.

other than that — Pokemon away! but don’t forget that you are giving more information to them than receiving, and top it off are paying them to give them information. so it’s kind of a matter of they are building more data from game-player movements, and storing information that can be sold and used for other purposes. i would suggest very carefully reading their “privacy policy.” and since the USA specifically does not have many regulations regarding privacy and how much information companies are allowed to gather on individuals … might want to think very carefully on if the trade-off of delivering that much personal information, is worth whatever fun you might have.

humans are also free to jump off a bridge if everyone else is doing-so. doesn’t make that the right choice. and while many are analyzing the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of this particular game at the moment, i believe the ‘type’ of game is not such a bad thing. just wish they hadn’t used ‘Pokemon’ to do it.

plus for parents that have any regard for the safety of young children, as well as their own privacy–i would say to pass on the craze for now. from what i have seen, it might spike gasoline usage–which is interesting. to have the video game market effect the oil market. so an increase in gasoline usage looks like a possibility. where players drive miles and miles just to have a cartoon character pop up on their screen.

i don’t know what that teaches anyone. but i myself wasted plenty of gasoline when young, while “cruising” main street — so can’t see this as being that much different. there could be repercussions, if the target points are stationary for all users. basically are looking at set ups for ambushes, and if a location is remote or out of the way — could be problematic. other than that … users are going to learn really fast exactly how much battery gets drained when using so much GPS time on their phones.

so this coming christmas, in addition to a gift card for the game–be sure to buy an extra battery pack. and read the privacy policy. and i hope somebody has vetted the game company itself before all this began.

on a personal note, i don’t understand the “collecting” part, and the same with beanie babies. it’s not ‘collecting’ things that puzzles me, it’s the ‘completing’ a collection that never made sense. somebody else telling you when it is complete, and then setting one or several rare items that cost more. you really can’t more thoroughly play into someone else’s agenda, and it’s kind of on the “fool born every minute” side, or i have always seen it that way. so while i don’t want to spoil anyone else’s fun….the whole idea of “get them all” leaves me cringing inside and saying, “good god, here we go again.”


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