plans and signs

what is predictive outcome
unrest and distrust
roots of ingrained problems
that rise again

when the real enemies are poverty!
the real evil is lack of opportunity
the parts of society
are not black or white

they are people
with a need to come together
for what’s best for all

playing fields that need balancing
for the many, not just the few
and how do we remember
that all men are equal? even THAT
written in a time
when they didn’t mean black men
and they certainly didn’t mean women!

the human condition

the ability to find differences
when we are all more alike
than anybody really knows

all can shed tears
all can smile
all live… and all will die

i see a need for understanding
but not only by dark skin
i see a need for less assumptions
but not only by light skin
i see a need
for not only lessons from the past
but for hopes in our future

i see a need to
attack the real problems

… not each other



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