so where is the problem? pc audio

well, after doing a clean install of windows 10 … there is no audio problem. other than the volume level seems a little higher than normal. but the distortion has ceased.

and that’s with all the updates. so … audio problems not only with this computer–but the others–might be due to third-party software. and i’m thinking the culprit is adobe, possibly the photoshop/premiere 13 that somehow manages to blow the audio codecs. i know it does break codecs and have had to run a codec repair always after an adobe install.

can only kind of guess at it. this is one of those things, that can’t be sure without repeating the problem. and i’m kind of not wanting to destroy the 10 system i just installed. or possibly destroy by trying that particular software again. can always use my older version–photoshop 7, never had problems with it before. and can pretty much trace the audio problem time-frame to when i got the photoshop 13.

which of course, i’m busy cursing adobe and their stupid loyalty to Apple that causes them to unintentionally or purposely mess up Windows. it’s a bit of a dilemma for those of us who are techies smart enough to use Windows, but at the same time artists that want to make use of adobe software.

it would have to go a little deeper than just codecs, and a tampering with the audio card firmware itself. but so hard to say, because might even be malware of some kind. though would have to have some pretty big holes in a system for it to get that far.

i tend to point fingers too quickly, and before wrote that it must be the conextant audio drivers. or that windows has changed its way of handling the audio for windows 10. and now i’m thinking they either fixed the problem overnight and coincidentally at the same time i put in a new system … which is possible since it was on Tuesday. or… it was from something else.

part of me loves problem-solving. part of me could do with a little less.


Feedback always welcome

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