you can’t fight idiocy
with suspicion
you won’t reduce the numbers
of hurting, hating folk
by looking at everyone as
possibly hurting, hating

as possibly having a gun
inside their toilets…

it’s actually a form of paranoia
and is a very strange
funny thing to have to address
paranoia that you yourself
started, or began at a certain
point when …panic
was more applicable

if you are afraid of your neighbors
i suggest you get to know them better
remember how to smile
don’t let the telly dictate to you
what you will see and quantify

an ant close-up looks like a monster…

this is not that complicated

what exactly are YOU AFRAID OF?

that groups of people with guns will go
door to door … and do what?
you are afraid of more shootings?
well there is not much help for that
and in my guestimation what WOULD help
would be for doctors
to stop giving out psychiatric mind-altering
drugs as if they were candy

but isolated incidences don’t a pattern make

that actually has to be decided by people
who went to school for sociology
and who can determine if there is a
pattern at all
and then can work
to predict any sort of further…

“busting at the seams”

but good grief, i think too many
have seen too many zombie movies
but there is also


think about that
and find out if you can be happy
as a normal
unimportant person
in a world where nothing
exciting or ultra-consequential is going on

do you have the balls?
or do you have to construct
probabilities in your mind
just to believe

tomorrow won’t be so boring?



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