fourth of july is a time for peace

there are two types of people:
those who run to a fire
and those who run to a fire with a bucket…

we all know the fascination
what happens when there is
an accident on the freeway?

everybody slows down so they can look

the trainwreck syndrome
and what creates
greater amounts of this “syndrome”

well it’s a matter of an individual
feeling as if their potential is not
being utilized well enough

there is the biological construct
of those humans who only “come online”
in their fullest state of ability
when disaster strikes… who are most helpful
in an emergency or who feel that would
give more meaning

let me tell you a story….

i went to a rodeo with a man who
fancied himself a hero

he was always “itching for something exciting to happen”
and it made him happy
HAPPY … understand? happy to find himself
anywhere near pain

so we’re at the rodeo
and a rider goes down …
which happens in rodeos, they have provisions
to take care of those situations

and what does this man do?
starts yelling out that he is a paramedic
and he starts climbing the fence
to go into the bull-ring
(he was fired from every paramedic job
and even fired from security positions
due to inappropriate conduct)

and it took everything i HAD
to talk him down from that fence
to impress upon him that he was
not needed…

but it is an excitement over disaster
it is the slowing of traffic at an accident

it is the propensity to enjoy
the “buzz” of disruption

and i understand that, i get that
many would rather have panic and chaos
in the streets because it would mean
that their own mettle would be tested

a chance to be a hero!

a world where you are not needed
is not a very fun world to be

but thing is that do NOT mistake
that flow of adrenaline when something
goes down, as a positive thing

often it is the very thing that will
keep someone from being effective at all

we call it panic

the imagination is a crazy thing
what i’m saying is i know that itch

i have the power and might of a voice
that can command people in an emergency
but i don’t find that rewarding
i find it draining…

what i find rewarding is to sit with my
coffee, and look at what a nice day
we are having

group think is an interesting thing
but i don’t imagine crowd-control is
a very fun job

happy fourth of july!
a good day and a memory of the birth
of our nation so many years ago

we actually thrived when the necessity
was to rise up and rebel … yet it’s
not a story. the realities are like
any war — messy, and ugly, and full
of the contention that occurs when
great change is taking place.

there is a reason why candidates yell
into the microphone

and i’m not sure we need that
or even need that example

commander in chief? able to have
that power of voice, the power of command

well… there also needs to be a mind

and hopefully we will get one worth its salt

and hopefully the days will hold more quiet porches
and quiet lives
thankful that peace is a very real thing
that all can enjoy

maybe i’m just an old fart
but i really do think that a rewarding life
is one you appreciate even when times
are good

even when there is no fire
and no bucket needed

because there is a third type of person…
those who put out fires
before they even happen



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