belonging to american pride

i find myself facing criticism of the USA on her birthday. and the irony of that being it comes from a Brit. the ones who created prison ships in our own harbors. so i’m not inclined to give much credence to gripes inflamed by media engines always looking for the worst. unbalanced and unseeing of all the good that america does, when that good is done behind the scenes with little fanfare. you can take your shame and shove it. i am proud of my country, and if you can’t handle that, so be it. we have moved with the punches and will continue to do so. we have made mistakes but have also done a lot of good. i believe that because i have seen it. i have seen the good of this people and this land. it is not a small thing. it is the guiding force in every american heart. that heart is proof that mankind can imagine better futures and create them. and i am proud.

i don’t think it’s wrong to be proud of this country. i think it’s important to realize that we question ourselves because that opens up better options for recourse. those who want to play on that, and have the questioning turn into self-condemnation, will be disappointed.

i am proud because there are so many people that care, it blows me away. there are so many working for better lives for all, it blows me away. there is an understanding, that things only get better if you make them better. you don’t wait for chances to get better, you take the chances you have.

so yea, you can take your shame and shove it, England. i’m proud of this country for many reasons. proud of the USA. and the reason for that is not blind, far from it. i just could not name all the reasons. but one reason is that we have not abandoned principle, even when abandoning would be to our advantage.

happy birthday, america! i love you, with all your faults and with all your good. i love you because i have seen what a good heart at the heart of a good people can do — can be. and that is something that blows my mind away. every day i expect the worst, and i get proven wrong. and that is america.



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