tuning forks

when i talk to myself
it usually goes like this:

“i wish i didn’t hurt”
“well who would WANT to hurt?”

“why can’t i do anything right?”
“eh, who cares”

“what a day”

“boy, i’m tired”
“so sick of stupid people”

“wish that dog would shut up, poor thing”

“think, pooh bear…. think!”

“what a world…”
(chuckles, shakes head)

and there are times that every
thought seems to fall out my mouth
as if my ears need to hear the words
to be convinced the thoughts are real

is it crazy to talk to yourself?
well, good thing am already
declared nuts

they can just add it to the
list of
crimes against society
that only grow
according to whatever
i decide to do next

“hmphhhh — there’s no winning.”
(eyes roll back in head, grin)

“poor saps just don’t get it.
hell won’t freeze over
and pigs flew a long time ago…”
(sip of coffee, get up to water the plants)

“oh… it’s not the end of the world”

“just the end of life as we know it!”
(laugh and toss the water onto the garden)

“nobody really gets me…”
(look in refrigerator for something to eat)

“eh, it’s probably mutual”
(heat coffee in microwave)

“i’ve got to get out of here”

“yea – looks like nice day”

“wish i didn’t hurt”
“there you go again”

“it’s all relative…not so bad, really”

“everybody wants you! do do dah do do
dah do dah do dah do do”

(musical interlude as put on headphones
and go out door)



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