the plague of larger bodies for america


interesting studies of late that point out obesity has more to do with the human microbiome than anything else. in otherwords the fat-causing bacterium are winning out over the thin-causing bacterium. there might be correlations to diet, but diet is not the full cause. there needs to be more study on that. because if true, then what america needs is a different environment for the good type of bacteria. and all the recent use of sanitizers might be a key factor. the use of anti-bacterial soaps might be a key factor. the over-use of antibiotics might be a key factor.

and since when have children ever wanted to eat what is “good for them?” i sure can’t figure it out. my daughter’s first exploration into eating on her own was to dip into the houseplant dirt and smile as she chewed away…..

there are studies, and they don’t refute that diet is not an influence, but they put the cause at the state of the microbiome – not necessarily caloric value of food or over and under eating. it’s interesting and done with a large data set over a long period of time. as well as experiments with “fecal implants” from thin people to fat people.

the findings conclude that the human microbiome, and the state of the microbiome in an individual, is the key factor for determining whether that individual will be fat or thin. what I AM SAYING — is that IF this true, then all the methods embarked on to help reduce american obesity are barking up the wrong tree.

there’s no law against barking up two trees at once … so might be worth looking into.

one of the biggest problems with the reasoning of mankind, is we will take something that isn’t working and decide we just need more of the same solution. instead of finding an alternate solution, and instead of even clearly defining the problem — will cling to an original premise and the original solution and determine that it has not been working because we just need more of the same but at a greater amplitude.

while working in computer science and repairing systems, i find that deciding to apply more of the same is often the wrong path. as a tech, i need to reevaluate the problem and look for other solutions.

7 Replies to “the plague of larger bodies for america”

        1. yes, one misread what i posted and ranted that disease was most certainly linked to obesity …. another said every health expert and doctor says that obesity is a result of diet alone.

          there was no agreement or even at least a show of curiosity. it’s very depressing

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