the meaning of futility

it’s not rocket science
human microbiome has been shown in studies
to be the determining factor
for a thin or fat physique

therefore the increase of obesity
in americans could be the result
of changes within the human microbiomes
of americans

changes in the last decade or so
have been uses of anit-bacterial soap
and increasing use of hand sanitizer

could come down to how frequently
a human being bathes

but to assume that everyone, including children
have just been pigging out
doesn’t seem to be a very good reasoning

plus everybody thinks a correlation
means a direct correlation

when it could be both food intake
and amount of weight show increases
due to a third factor that is increasing one or both

we already know we have thrown bacteria balances off
with the over-use of anti-biotics

then doubled down on that
with a society-wide paranoia of germs
(wiping down shopping carts
that mostly helps the ones selling the wipes!)

and now have this problem with people
just plain being more fat
while blaming everything except what it really might be…

which is we have created an environment
where bacteria is out of balance
and one kind has been allowed to thrive
over another

there is a whole other microscopic world
right under the surface

and we need to take care of that one, too
instead have decided to kill things off indiscriminately
without any real understanding
of what we are doing….

and then forget about the possibility of a third factor
within explanations of cause and effect
and THEN everything gets geared to profit
profit profit … even fat is good for selling
anti-fat methods
so there is no downside to leaving things as they are
and to wreak more havoc in the microscopic world
until damage is irreversible

so might be something to look at
only a hypothesis … but i think on the off chance it’s true
some steps should be taken to restore a healthy balance
to the human microbiomes of america

at the least there is probably as much if not greater need
to work on preserving those environments
as we do for the environment around us


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