on your own doorstep

this day?
well the birds are singing
though harmony is not what i would call it

many things to be done
i never see the sun rise
it simply becomes light

summer air is often cloying
in this place
though after visiting arizona for a summer
have decided there is no room
for complaint

a word of advice?
i seldom keep it to one word
i suppose i should work on that
how does a peaceful heart remain?

the spirit guides
and i usually follow
to where freedom is not very free

and my thought
on how i am perceived
is very small

balance an intriguing thing
the more bound by convention
the greater joy at a bit of freedom

and it is the joy that will do you in
life must be serious
and plaited with worries

or direction is lost
though i do enjoy directionless moments
where the spirit is silenced
and choice becomes another thing

freedom becomes a point of wonder
and wonder redeems

habits and its comfort
ritual multiplied by

yet sometimes i breathe deeply
and sometimes not at all

to simply know freedom stays
to choose other paths
to see different ends to counted beginnings
to love the nature of a dream

forward i look
sometimes smile
sometimes frown
but when i look down
see only the next step

it resides in the spirit under us all
whom i tell to hush
a day can be planned or not planned
our pride can be held close
or set free

sometimes i breathe deeply
and sometimes not at all

sometimes i welcome every new path
and sometimes a heart can only measure the distance

i suppose this day belongs to itself
the birds tell me it is half past forever
and no hurry to prove anything
let alone the grand nature of a fool
who has decided the best of all possible worlds
won by default



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