you are not a number

what happens if the person taking the IQ test
is smarter than the person who made the IQ test

basically it breaks the parameters
if you’re smarter you are not going to excel at it,
you’re going to break it

and doesn’t matter how many minds got together
to create any test, especially an IQ test

more in number doesn’t create greater intelligence
it creates a least common denominator

is like with super computers
you add a processor, and you add more processors
and you add more processors … and over time
the build on the processors is better.
they are faster and more efficient, and yet
the combined effort — the processing power
of that super computer, is subject to the least
it can only function at the rates
of whichever processor holds last place

still can process MORE data, but the
correctness or accuracy of that computing is
subject to its least common denominator

and i DO think that is how collective efforts work

just because you get many smarter minds together
doesn’t mean you are going to get a better result
simply through volume

you might be able to process more data more quickly
arrive at answer you might not have reached alone

but the quality of those answers is not dependent
on the BEST mind among you….
it’s dependent upon the LEAST mind among you

so i have problems with ALL testing, especially IQ tests
because the premise that is being made
the assumption
is that the person creating the test is smarter than ALL
the other people out there

plus i can see the flaws in the ones i’ve taken, anyway
where they lean heavily on testing one type of skill,
while totally ignoring others

and it’s not that i don’t score high… and am trying to
debunk the notion

not at all. i just think that if people are going to
compare IQ points
and compare credit rating points
and compare weight numbers
and compare blood pressure numbers
and compare cholesterol numbers
and compare bank account numbers

(and all of that is compare and contrast)

and decide that somehow all these numbers
make up the person they are or the type of person they
want to be….

you are not a number
and every test is only
as good as it’s maker …

chances are
the maker is not
as good as you

or at least there’s a probability
can they swim in the ocean and smell its power?
can they sense eternity in the gust of the wind?
what kind of things are you going to compare
for the special kind of things a lot of people can do?

the only number you need to remember
is that there is always a least common denominator in any set

and if it’s you
you are the one that will feel smartest of all
collectively think you have all the answers

but it’s the ones outside of the sets
that have more answers

or have the freedom to reach their full potential
not hindered by a least common denominator

you are not a number
what is a farce?
the skills that are not being charted
or the traits that are not being numeralized
the mind abilities that are not included in IQ tests
might be your best ones!

you might be the best in all the world!

just no one has tested that particular thing
no one has wanted to test that particular thing…why?

because they themselves are the ones that fail at it

for instance, an IQ test doesn’t test my ability
to repeat a song i’ve heard
we have a toy that does… simon says? one with the lights
that i just find confusing because it combines notes with colored lights
as if music is always accompanied by flashing colors…

anyway … oh
my point …… get to the point

dictionaries are also created by a collective of minds
that may or may not have a better method
of calculating word usage and meaning than yourself

for instance i would have done it differently
and developed a system to indicate percentages
of likely tone of voice used in conjunction
with certain terms, especially persuasive ones

i mean what good is charting accents
when there is no key to that chart?

but their least common denominator could not accomplish that

so i look at a dictionary as an inferior tool

i look at IQ tests as a joke

i look at bank accounts as an interesting way to store nuts

i look at weight as a strange way to generalize volume

i look at credit scores as a strange mechanism for vengeance

i look at blood pressure as presuming too much because i do the
math of how many minutes of life are not given a pressure reading

shall i go on?

i look at cholesterol as a pitiful way to chastise diet

maybe you should try asking?

i look at grades in school to be a rather pathetic way of introducing children to the facets of competition

you are not a number
you do so many things well that no one has bothered to chart
or to test

and that’s what life is about

next time you look at a dictionary that tries to put a meaning in a nut shell
crack that shell open!

we make rules and regulations
and the better humans are the ones following those rules to their nth degree…

but they’re the lowest common denominator
they have perfected what they have been told to perfect
and that has a boundary
a limit set by those who constructed the venue
in the first place

when you look at life
you have to look at its creators….
and go beyond THEM

have to say, what is my role today?

because it’s not that person’s
and that person’s

make your role your own
not something for others to believe they have you figured out

you are not a number



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