exit stage left

before anyone decides that it was a republican thing for UK to leave the EU, or just because the media links trump with the leave … it was primarily the Tory that wanted to remain (the UK right) and the Labour party (the left) that voted to leave. it was the stuffy Tory party that predominantly voted stay, and the progressive, working-class Labour party that favored leave. trump applauds the LEAVE, and he is applauding the socialist faction LEFT.

so if are going to decide to match up US politics with brits, and take sides on the issue …. newsflash, you all have it reversed.

but fact is there is NO match up to USA politics. there was an over-confidence on the Tory side that “stay” would win out because that is what the Tory-prime minister Cameron was pushing. but the people were not happy with that and said so even in the polls prior to the vote.

i think they will be fine. i have no sympathies for those who invested and bet — quite literally bet and lost fortunes because the vote landed on leave instead of stay. all the gambling on the political moves is what has become “destabilizing” — and to heck with that and them. get what they deserve.

the british pound has lost more value in the last year than any loss it received from the one day after the vote. the US dow is still 1000 points higher than it was just 5 months ago in february.

it’s so far from “crash” that i am appalled that they would use those terms in headlines. that there would be talk of the british pound “tanking”??? ask russia what it means to have your currency tank. ask japan, who has been struggling with the value of their yen years now.

i’ve never seen a news item get so mixed up by the time it gets digested by the american public. if you like news or like to be informed, go to sources outside of the united states and get a feel for how twisted our perspectives become simply due to our own media machine. take a good, hard look at our headlines. look at how they try to incite reactions with very little that actually respects truth.

is the US thirsty for a summertime buzz? i think that’s all it is. maybe what WE should all vote for is a nice cold drink while on a nice relaxing beach. and maybe a little world news once in awhile, instead of just focusing on ourselves.

i, myself, will ‘exit stage left.’ NOT “Brexit” — what a stupid name. wonder what genius thought that one up–smacks of our friends on fox news. there is no winner on any of this. it’s going to take time for the Euro to recover, but needed time anyway after the financial bailout of greece and the other economic woes european union has been suffering. i think the brits will do well to disengage from that, and have done well. because it’s not just about independence for themselves, it’s about sending a wake-up call to the european union to get their act together.


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