sisterly impact

having a sister is not for what you can get
but for what you can give…

a sister is not someone to share secrets with
it is someone you share truths with

they are not a person to tattoo together or
do each other’s hair
like sheep or baby dolls
a sister is someone who smiles when you smile
but stays strong
when you are not so strong

they find independence and you love them
for every ounce of rebellion

a sister is not someone to alleviate your own boredom
they are a person who cares when you are not feeling well

they don’t have to be there for you
they can walk away and you let them walk away

because a sister is about respect
is about love without conditions

it is not about having a permanent friend
because friends are dime a dozen
…a sister is so much more

it’s not about what you do together
or how much fun you tally up over the years


having a sister means you realize
that differences don’t mean you are not equal

we have different paths
and different needs

but what my sister means to me
is she has taught me that love is something you give
you don’t take…

you don’t worry about how good of a sister
you are or you have — there is no contest
no “sister-things” that must be accomplished

because what you have always had is a love
that means you are there for each other

through thick and thin…

what my sister means to me
is that i am a better person in this world
because of her

what a sister means to me
is that i can read every expression on her face
every single one
and yet the expression i like reading the most
are the smiles



3 Replies to “sisterly impact”

  1. Thank you for this Eileen. I, for one, have gradually developed an unfortunate habit over the years, that being my increasingly negative perspective about various aspects of my sister’s life; her attitude about many things in life, her negativity, her introverted and self-centered self…in many respects those perceptions are perhaps mutual.

    It becomes more apparent to me that as we age we begin to sense changing perspective, a growing respect for siblings, parents, humans in general, though I must admit I harbor an intolerance for much of humanity but that is another story.

    I will dwell on your words here Eileen, and share them with my own following here on WordPress. A sense of positivity in an increasing negative world in most enlightening and refreshing.

    Warmest regards.

    1. thank you, Don….i find that the sibling relationship changes over time like any other. you either grow together or grow apart. however there will always be a deeper tie that does not depend on friendship or politics. if you have the same mother, that means you have identical mitachondrial DNA. the element of life itself, has a kinship that is completely identical.

      the mitochondrial DNA are not combined or split, but exact replica from mother to child. the female will pass it on, the males will not. so your human (male) DNA is combined and diluted over the centuries, but the mitochondrial DNA that you carry is identical to your mom, and her mom, and her mom … it is a trait more dominant than skin color or race …. and it is invisible. so we belong to these clans according to differences that have been around for generations upon generations. the smaller your clan, the more important to cherish those you have.

      my sister and i are the only ones
      going back two centuries in the female lineage … there are six of us now with our children.

      so there is a bond that is not seen, but is carried in the very thing that brings breath and air to life itself. so i remember that and how we need each other … even though are very different, the energy-maker in our cells is identical

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