rant potion #99

it’s not all doom and gloom. but i question the entire system at this point. is that my fault? can’t help but see more and more reliance on pharmaceuticals, ones specifically that offer no actual cure and must be taken indefinitely. of course comprehend that it has been made legally impossible to buy many medicines without the ok of a doctor. seems to make sense, until the hoops they create to get that ok start lifting higher and higher. meanwhile the poor are subject to worse nutrition and are more likely to get sick in the first place. and then utah decides the class of the poor that they help will be the drug addicts … not the working poor class??? it’s just gotten past absurd and going into the realm of every man for himself.

it’s not all gloom and doom and i hope to see changes in the system that accommodate those in need, not just those with larger bank accounts and more money to spend on getting well.

would give anything for a good old-fashioned small-town doctor that is not afraid of making a diagnosis. and yes that is simplified. problems go much deeper and all i can do these days is pray. all i can do is hope that small changes here and there will make some kind of difference — so that the whole thing doesn’t implode. but truly, didn’t it show signs of already imploding when they put an ad up for a drug with one of the possible side effects as DEATH? i mean — all that has to be a joke, right? they already threw in the towel. we’re just waiting to see what will take its place. it may not seem that way from the middle or upper-middle class …. but down here, we see it as a big problem. using medical assistance like a carrot dangled to make someone wish themselves out of the lower class when they aren’t given access to the education nor the means to find better lives — then top that off with marketing all the bad-for-you things in the world to the lower class …. i mean it’s just made me sick. >>>>> and i don’t mean to rant so much on this. am just kind of at the end of my rope. i’m tired. i want it all to go away. and i would rather have nothing — the poor of this country would rather have absolutely nothing …. than this constant dangled carrot that they MIGHT get some medical help if they reach high enough.

and even then — real medical care is not happening anymore. i don’t know what to call it, when the goals have been lost.

and what is the goal? is the goal to get everybody onto drugs and prescriptions? is the goal to test everyone to make sure they have correct blood? is the goal to price necessity out of reach so that the only way to pay for medical care is through collective bartering? is the goal to get money and more money?

and what used to be the goal of medicine? to make human lives better? to fix the body when the body broke. it’s not my fault medicine lost sight of its goals. i’m the messenger. granted, i take a lot of commentary leeway. but am just echoing the sentiments of the people affected by this bad system.

we hoped some kind of “save” or change could be made with a partial-government takeover. and the wealthy on the right of course opposed that. so the plans to turn the USA medical system inside-out so that it can once again reach goals of healing and making human lives better — those plans have stagnated. the pillars of medicine are digging in their heals. doubling down.

when a hospital pops up on every corner of every city, like a mcdonalds ……….. when speaking to insurance costs more time, you spend more time calling the insurance company than you spend talking to the doctor themselves. what has this become?

i don’t believe it is saveable. i don’t think there is a way to fix this system. it’s going to need to be uprooted and replaced with something that actually works. because all it is doing is giving worse care and charging more. using more expensive machinery and then charging to recoup that, when the charges make it so that the poor now can’t afford treatment at all. and the insurance companies increase anxiety while calling more shots than they should be calling. they say absolute power corrupts absolutely.

the system is a goner, and more and more US citizens are turning to computers and going online to find cures, to exchange ideas on methods of care. ways to help themselves — they are by-passing the medical system altogether. our system is currently going through a by-pass, and that will happen more and more. eventually a medical site will happen like a wiki, with real information not hidden behind elite-club membership fees. it’s only a matter of time. college textbooks WILL be made available for free. it will all crack open like a shell. people will become their own doctors because it simply makes more sense.

this system will be by-passed. the fact that it needs to be by-passed means it’s not working. and i’m just tired of the continual fight. i really wish there were some sort of answer, but the doctors and medicine have failed us in so many ways! things that you would think do not go under doctoring, but go under WELLBEING. someone should have put a stop to automated phone systems that make you go through a maze before being allowed to speak with a human being. that is an automatic stress-elevation. it affects health! the price of fresh produce and fruit — that affects health! the number of cars on the road, that affects health! the noise levels in cities, that affects health!

there are so many things where what is supposed to be our medicine — should have championed for us. should have used the power they have to fix elements of current day living that make their job harder. that make more people sick. but they don’t — they didn’t. they just build more hospitals and increase their own business.

what should be done now is to lesson their business to the point that it is weak enough to take out and replace with a government system and government-trained employees. because we left the medical industry on the honor system, and their honor failed.



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