ticks blinking tocks

wow i guess time is going to go fast today
up at 7
decide to get a few more winks
climb out of bed at 10:30

make coffee, have two cigarettes
and it is after noon!

now how did that happen?

all relative
so every motion i think of mine
that is fast… must actually be going

a gradual dip into timelessness?

apparently i am not dependent
on what the clock thinks of as time

though i prefer to think of myself as steady
and it is time speeding up or slowing down

a center is a centered idea
that dot in the middle
where geometry tells us that
the outside moves faster than the inside…

where it’s all the same to the center
or to those who do not run in circles
in the first place

soon the day will be over
and judgment of it begun
with one more sigh

one final sigh
escaping one last soul as it
wishes all timelessness a fair night



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