abortion as opposed to no opposite

oh heavens — woman’s right to determine is not dependent on any government to approve said right. can drink until the baby is born minus much … can do drugs– can attempt a self-abortion or any manner of ways. which also include hating a child and raising a child that is hated. i honestly don’t understand what kind of logic makes anyone believe they can force a woman to have a child she does not want to have.

can always kill herself.

and that is where it all stands. a woman does not have to carry a child to term just to make you feel all warm and runny inside. she can end her own life and that of the child and tell you all to go f*ck yourselves. and as far as the rest of man-kind becoming so caught up in the inhumanity of man … which one has to agree there is no claim according to party lines. so have to ask ourselves what it means to be divided. have to remember how many US citizens died over the ideology that slavery was a god-given entitlement to members of a higher class.

fear is an interesting thing. but when it takes priority over simple compassion for others …


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