holes in wee footsies of typers coming out of the woodwork

please have some common sense
if i just see a name
i think “lowest common denominator”
and let’s face it,
with past and current lacks
within the US education(al) system
you get to the point
of really not expecting much

but when a person puts “writer”
after their facebook name
every mistake stands out like a scream…

and i think they should change it to
“wishes she were a writer”

because there is this giant wish out there
and i’m not sure where it comes-from
after all, it isn’t like saying you’re a writer
these days translates to anything of import:

unless writing for a newspaper
or tv
or something that gets read by millions,
not just a few.

i suppose it goes under the same vein
as those wishing to be seen as an artist

or use “artist” as their title

and i suppose it is the whole idea of
titles themselves

that give me pause for puzzlement

but yea — if you are going to slap the title
“writer” onto yourself …

learn to edit!
or learn to not brag about something you are
that you are definitely not

i don’t even know why it frustrates me

though i know i wouldn’t call myself a writer

a writer is shakespeare

i would never have the temerity to add a title of “writer”
because i know the scale
i know exactly how far i need to go
and exactly how much work i am unwilling to do
to get there….

a writer must be a reader, first
a writer must be an editor, second
and then a dreamer at the very last

and i can’t put in FB comments
“IF you are a writer, please learn how to write!”

that just wouldn’t be polite
so i’m left venting on a blog
my personal typing place

most people are just typers
they are not writers

maybe i shouldn’t be so fussy
live and let live

but i DO look at the mistakes
stop reading half-way through
and think, “this person is too stupid
to believe anything they say,
let alone waste my time trying to
figure it out!”

which i might have given more leeway
more benefit of the doubt

if they hadn’t claimed to be a writer in the first place
hadn’t been inept enough to believe a title makes it so

when do most learn that isn’t true — at age 5, 6?
when you see a clown cry?
there is a gap
between ourselves and the past

a writer is someone i admire
a writer is someone who has the power
to take existence to realms
never before seen
to spit life back out
and go dancing off into sunsets
they themselves designed
manufactured …


a writer is someone who weaves language
into mind-aching beauty


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