shooting ducks in a barrel

well that’s the thing. the desire itself, to always predict what other humans will do — that in itself can be a type of a-typical behavior. and it’s born of fear, and of course the desire to manipulate. the need to manipulate. they don’t just let a stream run down the hill … they want to build walls and channels.

and the problem, though — is that FEAR is catching. it escalates and continues to build. and then, of course, those who are in POWER, are those who tell you exactly who and what you should be fearing. or rather, they usurp degrees of power by doing so.

so you have individuals that thrive on fear themselves, that spread fear, and that claim they have the only solutions to the problems which they themselves have made up — and they feed the idea to the populace, that manipulation and control are right things. are correct things to do and be. they push that it is the right thing to take away the will, the human will of others.

and to top THAT off, they have devised drugs- medications- that make that goal of taking away the human will easier to attain.

so i don’t know what to tell you. i don’t know what to tell anybody. if i had noted any type of sincere ambition to improve the lives of others, in all my experience across three different states in the west — then it would be a different story. but i’ve never met a more frightened group of people. AND they will claim that their fear is more important than other individual’s FREEDOM.

and that’s where i have a problem with it. where i have a problem with them. you get put on a list and you become their enemy. i have never been fool enough to consider someone who puts me on their list, as someone who is looking out for my interests.

and so why are the ones they are “treating” are the ones they have decided are the enemy? what is it about the poor sots, because of course psychiatry has the power. to the point that they’ve driven people into the streets. to live in the streets. so what kind of threat do they see in those they pursue?

yes, there is a definite personality type that gravitate toward the ‘study’ of psychology and psychiatry. and it is very easy to argue that they are the ones in need of the most help.

and i don’t know how to help them, when they are such a danger to others and absolutely no danger to themselves. are looking at a type of self-centering that leaves no room for self-doubt.

and self-doubt is what makes us human. self-doubt is what allows us to live with others in peace.

so they operate with no doubt, and that is what you call a fanatic. and when a “belief” is laid out, are told you have a “chemical imbalance” and yet given no facts nor given any adequate reasoning that could at least add up to a viable theory. and see, that is where they lost me. i couldn’t figure out what the heck their trip was. and IF i were actually ill– sick — i certainly wouldn’t want to trust my care to those who are so obviously minus any actual intelligence.

and then the ones in the “business” that have intelligence are more scheming is all, so it’s just something i could never endorse or get behind. it’s something i could never recommend to others. it’s basically thugs? you know, and a person has family that wants to control them or even hates the family members, and so sics the thugs after them.

this is what i have seen. if i had seen a caring or actual work to make human lives better…. if i had seen even a neutral stance to just control other humans while they got their stuff together. but there are actions to do HARM. there are drugs and medications, whose only ‘benefit’ is to do harm. to cripple, to permanently cause brain damage in some cases.

there is absolutely no way i could ever get behind psychiatry or psychology and call it a “good thing” that everyone should take part in. if you are steeped in fear, it might give you comfort. having trust in the answers that are non-answers helps some people to feel like they are submitting to a greater understanding.

and i haven’t seen it. i haven’t seen any understanding behind the front. you look behind the green curtain, and the wizard of oz has already left the building. and any society will have a problem when the social-control elements outweigh the elements that actually allow for social growth. and that’s where we’re at



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