because a rant means i open my mouth

mentally ill MEN. mentally ill women are not going out shooting up things, they are yelling at 50 people and being locked up for opening their mouths. because, you know it’s such a danger to have someone yell at you. and so most mental institutions are filled with women who lost their cool.

just like most jails are filled with black people. there is a disproportion that has occurred for whatever reason. but i will repeat that any trouble our nation is exhibiting in regard to weapons and civilian deaths, is mostly the result of actions decided upon by MEN.

you can’t judge a person guilty for what they MIGHT do. and yet, that is what the entire psychiatric industry is about. prediction. crystal ball readers. then they want to call those they judge the crazy ones! think about it.

it is fear, and the process of deciding someone is potentially dangerous. it is not based on any fact of past actions. there is no “record keeping” of actual pacifism. and believe me, most that i have met in the “mentally ill world” are pacifists. by and large, they are the largest group of pacifists within our population. they have been tested, and been made to remain calm even when sadistic workers torment or bully. it’s like a training ground for creating individuals that will not be ruffled by anything. and it is always comprised of more women than men.

in fact, the only real source of contention within “mentally ill communities” is that fact, and women becoming more competitive over the few men that are there. i couldn’t have boyfriends visit, without having 3 or more women fall all over themselves trying to gain his attention. it really does open the eyes. you have the majority of people in mental institutions are women, and the majority of mental health workers are men. coincidence?

and the mentally ill men stay free and then blow a gigantic fuse and you end up with tragedy. but i’m not saying somebody should have known and had that person locked up. i’m saying where does our society get off judging people for crimes they have not committed? seriously, what is this trend and where is it going?

i am a big person. so unless i am completely docile, people freak out and are afraid of me. and then i am the one that has to pay for their fear. so when YOUR fear goes up, i pay more. that is why i am writing this article. get yourselves under control! it’d be kind of funny if it wasn’t so dang painful over the years. and the noose tightens. has been tightening. the trend has been to diagnose more and more as mentally ill and put more and more united states citizens on medication.

and what is that doing for us so far? think about it. is it working? or should maybe the opposite direction be tried for a bit? try being LESS afraid, try diagnosing LESS people, try finding paths to ACCEPT others into your communities, rather than rejecting them.

and don’t feed your own fears. you can’t judge a person guilty of crimes they have not committed based on YOUR degree of fear that they might do something terrible. THAT is what i have been fighting against my whole life. quite frankly i am tired. would like to retire from this endless battle to get populations to see sense. it’s a battle against fear for the rights of freedom. freedom! and more often than not, CREATIVE freedom.

only the trend-setters and movie stars are allowed to do something different with their hair, or something different with their attire. we have a whole class system there that is stifling creativity and not allowing it for those in lower classes. it’s really pathetic. because that is where we need equality the most. within the realms of creative potential.

equality of money? who gives a rat’s toots. we need equality of creativity and equality between the sexes and equality of races. we need to start treating human souls as deserving better than what we have dished out so far. better than enforcing limitations based solely upon the fact that those humans who gain power at any level, are more subject to fear. now think about that. if something creative is too far out of the box, it’s called crazy. calling something else crazy is calling yourself afraid. and THAT is where the battle is. that is what should concern our population in regards to “mental health” at the moment. not on “getting better at predicting” just so you can decide more are crazy. but getting better at reducing your own fears.

and i’ll tell you what you should fear. it’s easy enough to compute and classify EVERYONE the minute they are born. we have the computation capability NOW. already. it just needs the nail on the coffin. and that is where you all are headed, deciding personal destinies should be BASED UPON MASS FEAR.

please grow a few brains. let’s go in the other direction.

today is flag day. and IF we are to rally around that flag, we should remember what it stands for. and that is freedom! creative freedom, personal freedom, freedom of speech, freedom for existence itself! and freedom is, and always has been, the antidote to fear.



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