love itself

expanding worse scenarios
little power
lack of power
power unrealized

priorities stagnated
puzzled pieces
meticulously clipped
idealistic balms of fortune

despair embracing fate
winding among deserved happenstance
fumes of self -loathing
equanimity pays pipers

dreaming into action
the failure of truth
the failure of common -placed

of burning
burned importance
desire brings all
to centered non -reductionism
ups mirroring downs
driven to only action
bartering equal reactions

memories fueled
in wider conceptualization
rats a -mazed
turning a -way -from
hurt framed
as deserved reconciliation
to bottom
bottomless holes
shot in the foot
blamed upon innocence

destiny unbelieved
the fault of every anxiety
is the implosion of humility
turned inward upon itself
a choice feast
of absolutism

garnished by reality and dreams?
perhaps there is none
only a distancing
from promises of greater angles
within the circle …

only so much, you know
spiraling inward
spiraling out
decisions the least
of any consequence

i do not harbor you …

i only harbor your growth of disdain
for the flexible mind

the blessing of seeing a leaf die
a seed bloom

knowing the gift is not received
until necessity drives one to reveal
that excellence precludes
disingenuous proclivities

gain is reduction

terror masks perceived loss
when there is no such thing as losing
your own soul
to those of no inkling
how very far you have gone
and how very far everyone shall return

love it -self only weeps….
while tears them -self are immune to fright

out -of
in -to
despite -all

it is comely to reserve reservation
and ugly to be less
less than you ever were …

and so ends my definition
of fear.

what do you find precious?



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