In the Mean of Time

The peace that comes with
Life I get from sleeping
Into the deliverance of saturation
With mind repaired

Waking into pain does not allow
A waking into peace
Have to switch gears into
Good enough

Sleeping on the back
Is the only way to arrive
In a better place
Yet cannot fall sleep
Unless curled inward
Diving away from the day

Peace is a motion where
Each thing is done in its time
And worry over the next
Is not arriving until next
Arrives…. A joined confluence of
Living in the now

Life grown within the present
Has less design and more acceptance

Faith? There is that
Trust in the dance of things

If you look at the earth
Its pattern is one of movement
From largest to small

Yet most of my assurances happen
When I’m standing still

And the smallest things
Are complicated games while
The biggest thing is Air that covers all

With knowledge of Since


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