controlled power is much more impressive than uncontrolled hate

decent people don’t swear
they don’t react emotionally or quickly
they work hard and frown a lot

decent people don’t take time to contemplate
they live in ways
of seeing themselves
always from the outside

decent people know what time of day it is
know what day it is
know what year it is

decent people eat meals at the right time
of day
they excuse themselves from the table
and they have stone faces
stone hearts

fall apart only when no one is looking
decent people work their way up in the world
buy more on credit
love the idea of loans and brownie points
you get for being decent

how good is your percent?
how good are you?

decent people take all day
to decide if the day is good

decent people have respect
they are the buried
the hopeless

i think of how i see someone as decent
if i can trust them to do the right thing
if i know that they will choose
along the balance between self preservation
and self sacrifice

to sacrifice is not holy
not in the decent world

falling down is not acceptable

real people don’t need to be decent
they only need to be centered
within their own secret question that they
tell nobody else in the world

you can’t be decent if you keep a question that
is never answered
that is the rule

the tape measure

taped on
measuring points

a decent person finds a better place to turn
and finally ….

i am decent
the question i have kept is why does no one understand what i understand or see what i see

i shouldn’t have to explain all the time
spell it out
and mostly i don’t bother

just watch the fallout
predicted and predictable

i don’t cry for you
i don’t cry for them

i don’t need to pat my own back
i sigh when i have to clean house

so i clean house once a week
or twice a month
or three times a day … it really matters on
how necessary

i don’t know if i’m stupid or smart
but i know my heart is decent
it is decent
i answered my secret question

nobody understands
because their worlds are somewhere
they dont know how i never
feel desperation
for spiking reasons

i can only pretend anxiety
i know where i am going
when i die
i see the collective mind
i inform the heavens as often as possible
and the heavens balance the plains

only glitch is the world forgot
and i must make it remember
therefore i don’t worry
because i know how worries are delivered
i smile and bump heads with God

my real question is still secret
it will always be secret because i never put
it into words to share
there is no rule that you must form it all into words …

my language is not this language
my language is much faster

instantaneous computation

translating ten seconds takes ten years
so i have spent time here
on this blog
writing and translating the course
now i need to center

explain nothing more
how do you show that you care?
this has been my demonstration
that i always did

i gave you the understanding of me
but i gave it so that those who can
follow the tempo
see a different truth

Jesus is the Christ
but you know who a savior is?
a savior is a person who sees the future
but takes you there anyway




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