consequence is a bigger word

buzz of lawn mowers
users of weedkiller, these ones
i fail to see how ugly orange dead
plant-things are somehow better than
the weed itself

all it does is add monsanto chemicals
to the earth and gee isn’t that nice

though so deadpan, anyway
not much worse this poor earth can get…
they farmed it to death
and then built houses

but yea the use of weedkiller so unthinking
i remember at my grandmother’s trailer park
the grass would come up in the cracks
and so ‘they’ sprayed everything with
weed killer until it all had that ugly
ORANGE … and then you can’t ‘pull’ the weeds
not get something all at once, can only pluck
at the dead things — i gave up
trying to make it look nice after that

thing is you have to wonder what kind of
thought or thinking is going on?
is there any?

eh … just one of those things

some day i hope for common sense to win-out
won’t hold my breath
not at this rate…

have good week … try to not fall into any gorilla cages
i hear silverbacks can be mean
but the internet even more so



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