the old bamboo

next time you see an ad
for losing weight
and you start to feel guilty
a failure ….

picture all those “winning” women
as 90-year-olds
picture the entire thing
as telling 90 year old ladies
how much more confident
and sexy they will feel
if they could only slim down
if they could only be skinny

SEE the wrinkled faces
see how strange it is

because the old ladies
are confident
but they aren’t sexy
and they may be skinny
or may be fat

but life has taught them
that they are so much more
than what is on the outside

change all the women
in weight loss commercials
to old crones….. and
smile at how there is no
diet to outrun time
and no exercise that
eliminates wrinkles

how if
you cannot be confident
just as you are
right now!
then confidence from losing weight
is not going to save you
will just leave again
once old age
catches up and takes beauty
wherever it will

classic example of a losing battle
and a war only fought
for the sake of pleasing … what ?

oh it’s good to be healthy
and it’s nice to have clothing
fit better

yet even when i was much thinner
i felt fat
there was no amount of anything
that made me feel wonderful


i think of all the time i wasted
trying to be a thinner form of me

i would rather have that time back
and i would rather have liked myself
from the very start

so this commercial comes on
saying how it will make you confident
by selling you something to lose weight

but what they are doing is undermining confidence
and then selling you the remedy
for the disease they just spread ….

oh it’d be funny
if it weren’t so sad
so many fall
so many are rubes

the economy we love and protect
has created nothing but cheats
rewards for the hook

when it’s all said and done
just be smarter
than what they take you for

“the old bamboo
the old bamboo
better never bother with me old bamboo
you can have me hat or me bum-ber-shoo
but you’d better never bother with me ol’ bamboo”

Water Under the Bridge
Water Under the Bridge

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