lift of the many

if i were
the one you cherished
hope and dreams evolve
then they die
just as the world would
hate its author
when the ends are blessed
with good-byes

so we look
to every portent
every song that clings to its notes
and we serve up
silent worries
to the grace that loves
us the most

listen here
time set the groundwork
every river flows to the sea
and so, too
will patience bring life
to its final victory

where we were is
where we are
don’t forget the reason of youth
and at some point
lives remember
how to touch the greatest truths

which are not what
you would offer
not those wider, hard-beaten ways
rather, small paths
one soul travels
to the very end of its days

so we look, then
to every portent
to every note complicated in song
and deny not
our greater purpose
how love leads and can’t go wrong

for it’s in the doing, all will
find a better hope to be

if i were you and cherished
no one would ever question me



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