belonging to the wind

we’re all on our way
to better versions
of ourselves
packed deep inside
finite fortresses
of borrowed pride

there were beginnings
and ends
and a thousand ways to pretend

finding an answer
that hurts every question …

but in my mind
my quiet place to be
i find a source
of peace and tamed realities

and goals unmet
find a home somewhere
up among the clouds

i am no saint
but no saint ever had
a patent on passion

day bleeds into night
night bleeds into tomorrows

where will i find the space
to comfort all your sorrows?

yet one thing
one last request i have
is to let go
of what you never had

the soul is free

finding an answer
that hurts every question …

believe me
life… is a gift that fails
only when
you fail to laugh
at faults
that crack the endless smiles

leaving behind
paths that left complexities
bare to the bone
of gnawing, unforgiving faith

to be the best
is not the best place to be found

to rate the self
as never quite wholesome
to be bruised

don’t you understand?
there is no cage that bars demands

but the earth moves
it finds the answers
that soothe every question

the ground itself soars
underneath fete
and every roof that
better rest

never doubt
only weakness is adored
and we see ourselves in so many things

so many…
finding answers
that hurt every question



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