inch by mile

how long did i try
how far did try go
to measure the distance
to puff and to blow

the laugh is resigned
the dawn is designed
and no half of anything
sticks to the mind

was it complete?
was it complex?
was it the difference
from next to the next
can only see
i never knew how it seemed
to you …. the last one

touching my dreams

so far away
the heart i knew was gone
so far in faith
the trust would shift along

and when i’m in
a better place than this
can only see
imagine where a heart
is filled with bliss

under waves
of every broken fist
that moved
i see the truth
it’s not a life i longed for you

pick up your plans
to make it greater
keep your stand

how can you lead
if none will follow
how can you burn
if all have their own bright lights?

and so you see
the factors minus out the me…
and what to prove?

but that we have everything to lose

don’t worry
don’t fly
don’t close the past within your eyes
the next will be
just one more try that tests the seas

where waves of faith
are not the best i’ve ever seen
so clasp your hands
with space that measures the in




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