and praise be to the electric fates

so i fixed the tv set i use as a monitor. a resister blew on the power board … which it basically went “bang!” and then went dead. so i took the back off it, at first thought it would be a blown capacitor, because i’ve had that happen in a monitor before. but they all looked fine, it was only the one tiny little resistor that apparently made all that noise.

in looking over the how-to videos, and techs that used a soldering iron while replacing damaged parts — one happened to mention that you could just replace the entire board. i thought well that sounds like an easier option – what the heck, i’ll look it up and see what a whole new power board costs. ebay is a real lifesaver on the electronic parts.

only $26 – so figured it was worth the gamble to see if i couldn’t make the tv/monitor come back alive again. the part arrived today, i switched it with the old powerboard, put the TV back together — and surprise, surprise, it works!

so that’s a first for me … fixed a television set. i might spend the next week or so patting myself on the back, so don’t mind me 🙂



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