spirit fills the holes

and constancy is
tested prior to
arriving near
or anywhere close to home

therefore to one
and all, men and
women, cats and goats:
please just breathe
and your breath is
the next step
to a sigh

only thing to
fill the sails
of this boat
not built by us
from warmer winds
angels fly
known by rote
swift feet are made for tickles
in the night
…to breathe is not a sin!

foreheads crinkled in concern
wars against infinity
spiraled holes
because you said so yourself

so stop worrying
silly goose!
when the north wind blows,
remember me
lift up your head
look up
until you finally see!
then strike out
for the higher path
than the one behind you

i’ll be there
the smile you always see
in your own mirror
good and bad

never surrender the good



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