shadows of the indulgent mind

i think it’s more because men
are taught to have no doubts
blind confidence
but lacks of empathy

though it goes hand in hand
with big babies when they are sick
is it fear?
self indulgence?

inability to read
faith put in others
only to meet betrayal?
caution not something learned
until it’s too late

when becomes overcompensation
seeing evil around every corner

where women are taught
to have doubts
to fret over not being good enough
pretty enough
because eventually
you excel at fretting

and empathy reigns as women
feel for every creature put down
every crawling thing abused
but themselves
it pulls something that can’t help being pulled

women work when they are sick
because to be helpless is
not the role of the servant

self indulgence, yes
and fear, but a different kind of fear

women classify grade levels
of what is to be feared more
or to be feared less
it is not an on and off
fight or flight
but a fight, dance, deem, flight
round, rooting, ranging, recourse, fight, freeze

women read faces
read voices
just about anything
that requires reading between the lines
true meaning
are rabid for true meaning

faith given only when it’s earned
…. and sometimes not even then
they learn caution early
see less of themselves
rather than more
and that more

then becomes overcompensation
seeing good around every corner

men are more likely to fall prey to exaggerated
because women are practical
and besides, everyone is out to get women
from puberty on….. the only thing to worry
about is, if you let the bad man play you

be sure to play him first

i failed to see this vulnerability, you know
the factor of male just enough dumb
combined with just enough imagination

the lowest common denominator
flew below the radar
so let them dig in
and bleed fear

until exhaustion sleeps
sleeps like a baby ….like the baby it is….
as for me and mine,
there is no sideways
no about face
no end to any rope



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