those who

those who think pot is good
have obviously not seen
what i have seen….

boyfriends furiously scraping a pipe
for resin
to smoke the resin
after spending their last dime
on weed the day before

if they even could have enough presence
of mind
to put on a pot of coffee, since
they were the first ones up…

then i would give it to you

but nothing matters
except the next high
have you ever smoked resin?

yes it’s as unpleasant as it sounds

have you ever seen how disgusting bong water is
when it spills all over the floor in a friend’s

and do you know any 90 year old former pot smokers?
80 year old?

where do they all go

to me it’s a no-brainer

staying away from weed is the better idea
not chasing ANY high day after day
is the better idea

so why does man want to get high?

what is the factor of escaping into a different physiological state
and so what is the real problem
and does it go away by making those who feel that need for escape
more likely to take it?

i don’t know and have not been able to decide why
a different state is necessary
or even why i would myself
prefer to get drunk many times in the past

i run into a wall
i can’t even remember what my need was

but anyway….

no amount of someone saying pot is SO good
and should be on every shelf in america
is going to change the fact that i watched
an otherwise perfectly decent person

scream at me for where did his knife go?
so he could scrape the pipe for smoking resin

no amount of nothing will change that memory

will change what i know pot can do to a person

i won’t call it good because i have not seen it DO good
not once

and many many many boyfriends over the years were
on pot and i worked to help them

but the one who screamed at me in the morning
before coffee?

i left and never returned

where do you think he is now? i don’t know
but do know that life is not lived
if you’re always escaping it


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