in the shoes

people that do that
have an awful lot of faith
in psychological examination

i’m an agnostic or atheist on the subject
not only do not have faith
in psychological examinations
(because they are all asking incorrect questions)
but i don’t have faith in the premise

the objective
what is the objective?
to decide how much alike
someone is to everyone else

but the everyone else changes
over time and according
to age group
therefore the strictures themselves
by which deem psychologically fit
or not
do not themselves contain a steady
without those factors being affected
over time and made obsolete
if not changed
and then of course
the definitions come into question

because are not looking at an absolute state
but a relative state

you want to map
behaviors into a creation of predictability?

then i can conclude
that you have a psychological problem
dealing with trust and prejudgment

those who thrive on prejudgment
don’t know what to do when others
fail to act according to their profile

it’s fun to test
i’ve done so over the years
what you do
is take a stereotype
and play it, then start introducing
actions that differ from the stereotype

and then watch to see if that
exception is made to the stereotype

fascinating thing
those who have faith in it
see i thought about
that woman who was raped
and if it were me,
would i be saying, “they should have known and
kept him in jail.”

and so i think about
what kind of problems you would
have to have
to believe that

was the same with the mass
you should have known!
so NOW you should put
more faith into psychological testing
and that will fix it all!


so what do you think they gain
by deciding
if you are too far from normal
or close enough to normal?

a system
that wants to give gold stars
to those who are mundane

well i don’t have faith in the premise
i believe mankind is better off
in embracing individual directions
as also correct

negative actions are negative
the people inside of them are neither negative nor positive
they are just people

people are either caged or free



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