when you don’t know what to say

oh well
there are interesting ways
when comes down to it
paranoia is paranoia and at some point
you have to go gee

nobody really cares and
there is no way for paranoia to do anything
but spiral down and tighten
to worse states…
and worse

because it doesn’t matter
how what where or anything else

do you find beauty in life?
well i do

so what can be taken away is not much
importance is what
a foot feels touching a sandy beach
where the wave meets the shore

there is not much to be done
except to say that

all humans work to control their environment

and the funniest thing
about anyone who thinks they are “playing” you
is that it might be the other way around

how would they know? so i kind of
grin and go my way

i think what matters is if you are kind
or try to be something that promotes
better into the future for more than
just yourself

and that means all are in the same boat

i find it interesting that there are
a sort of strange … well

it doesn’t matter
there is a certain live an learn
and there is skill and not skill

we all do what we can
and at some point look at the better things
in life

because the better things are what count



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