Lenovo thinkcentre

she’s purring like a kitten, i’m a genius 🙂 can only say that when you’re not exactly sure what you did, but fixed it anyway.
though i think the credit goes to ubuntu linux more than anything. it must install firmware that fixes fan issues, i’ve seen it happen enough times now to decide that there is something linux is doing right, and just running it on a computer can solve driver or firmware issues.

when i first fired it up, the fan would do this spastic blasting, and the power supply and heatsink on the machine was very hot to the touch. and that’s with next to nothing going on it. almost no load and was too hot.

being the selfish critter i am, i’m thinking how something that hot and pulling that much juice, is going to cost in electricity! now the case is cool to the touch and no signs of overheating.

either i have the magic touch, or linux is a miracle worker. maybe a little of both.

it’s so important to have the right controllers and drivers on a computer. you see how much the firmware/software can effect the hardware. actually means life and death to it.

and funny how our own software — how we are programmed — can mean life or death. to have a healthy body, must first have a healthy mind.

i’ll keep an eye on the cpu temps, but so far they are looking pretty normal. i throttled the cpu by 15% … and that’s kind of an analogy, too. sometimes it’s better to throttle our cpu’s…cut back on the over-thinking.

enjoy life? well, try to not spin out of control 🙂 mostly i’ll need to keep an eye on it for awhile, see that it’s not having too much trouble. even though a used desktop, i don’t think it was ever properly broken-in. still has that “new electronics smell.” lol


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