it only took a COUPLE acts of god to get her in shape. i was hoping to be able to save the Windows 8.1 she came-with, but must have been a bootleg or bad copy. so wiped the drive and installed fresh copy of Windows 10. (thank you, J – for the OS!)

the bios settings were all wrong — was set to fast startup, as well as no instruction screen. the only way i finally got into bios, was to remove the hard drive, and force the machine into pausing long enough for the F1 key to register. did a dance when bios popped up.

good news is that the bios was not password protected or anything, so controls open to fix some of the things that were bugging me. boot order was all wrong, had to change that to put the DVD as first boot, like it should be. you need that if ever have to run a recovery disc or an install disc.

makes you wonder what kind of something owned the poor thing before me …. it’s less than 2 years old, and for all purposes is brand new. no dust, no …. any sign of wear at all. the hard drive had only a total of 23 hours spin time … so it was used for maybe 3 months, at most. i’m pretty sure it’s the original hard drive, fits the specs for the serial number.

it’s a little heavy – some part of me was thinking “smaller desktop” and also thinking it would be more lightweight. but that’s not the case, so an oh well to that. it’s pretty heavy.

overall is a nice machine, and for $150 on ebay plus shipping. has a superb APU … the AMD A8 with ATI graphics built in. all with quite a bit more power than i’ve ever had in a desktop before. can even do gaming if i want, now. it doesn’t come with wireless, so i’m going to see if i can fit a wireless card i have into it. need to get a bluetooth card, too. and expand the memory, since it is stock and just the 4 GB. can get 4 more gigs for $15 … and go from there.

so i think all in all, should work out. i might try fitting an msata into the PCIe slot … not sure if that will work.

it seems warm to me, but the APU temp is staying in the 50’s Celsius, and that’s not bad. wondered if i would have to take off the heatsink and put fresh paste down, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. and since it’s not that old at all, the factory thermal paste should still be doing fine.

well…. i’m a happy camper. have tried to exist with just laptops for almost 6 months now, and while it’s convenient–they just don’t have the processing power. plus are all Intel-based, and i like AMD better. AMD has their act together when comes to software and driver support. and the AMD graphics–ATI Radeon– are just better. better than intel, better than nvidia. there is a continuity and a response time with ATI that you just don’t get with anything else.

so while the AMD based lenovo thinkcentre’s cost a little less, because of the demand factor — they are actually better machines than what you will find with intel. that’s my opinion, though i have had AMD for all of my desktops. not really a fair comparison when you think about it 🙂 though i have tried different graphics hardware over the years, and really think the ATI is better.

what a run-on useless blog. sorry … am just a kid with her new toy.


and yes, i chose pink … ! lol


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