Plucked from promise

It is a day
Like any other
Rolled into awakening
Find the better path
Garnished by mistrust
Ambition’s foresight
How is wary borne?
Both day and night have their
And there we have the rub

The pile of contradictions
Waded into
How to float on top
How to see a way
To precision

Humility only brought more anger
Thrust into the door
The opening
Of wide eyed innocence
And so
Pride is carried openly
Claims of note

I study shades of cross
The cusps between
Aches of dawning ambiguity

The first premise
Of wrong
Because how can so much hurt be right?
I do not regret
The spines of detour

Yet it was my intention
To find repetitive opposition
The vision
Is that noise only strikes bounds
Few words at best

All the rest is a delusion
Of communication
When there is little

So very little to be said

I think the fact is that
Whether grouped or alone
Man regrets solitude

Am I the only being
With a silenced mind?
Saying hush

Patience looks outward
With no in?

Only know some day death will call
But my sorrow on that
Only grows if pride is thick

There is a certain wonder
I admit
For allowing truth that man
In his kind
Has survived at all



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