Ways to Modernize Windows 10


At first it’s a bit depressing — here we are, back to 7 format once again. Or really, back to XP desktop design. And while some consumers did not manage to appreciate the leaps forward with Windows 8 — some of us not only LIKED Windows 8, but preferred the quick interface over the old way of managing windows.

Top that off, with how it’s as if the programmers WANT to punish users for their choice to go backwards, and so made every single app window open in postage-stamp size. So when using Windows 10 desktop, you spend almost as much time maximizing windows as you do on the programs themselves. Or at least it feels that way.

Thank goodness there is a personalization option to make Windows 10 more like Windows 8. And that’s by switching it to Tablet Mode. You don’t have to be running Windows 10 on a tablet, to use Tablet Mode. With the click of that one button, apps are suddenly opening full-screen and opening FASTER. You are minus a “desktop” — but do you really need one? Face it, the desktop is the file-equivalent of shoving all your toys under the bed. It’s a procrastination area, where you put off actually filing files. Who needs it?

It takes time to set up the start page with all your favorites ready at hand, but once you’re done with that, you’re off to the races with faster access to programs and better graphics overall. And if you can’t accomplish something in Tablet mode, such as customizing the taskbar– all you have to do is turn off Tablet Mode in one click, do the customizing, and then return to Tablet Mode.

To give a little more space, I use the taskbar properties to select “small icons” and shrink the taskbar. Because the funny thing is that the “normal” size icons now in Windows 10 are SO VERY small that it really is not that much difference in size anymore. So you can save space on your window, without having too much difference in visibility of the icons.

Or I suppose if I can’t see the Windows 10 icons anyway, then who cares how much smaller they get? Works out fine, not being able to see is not being able to see. Any time I want to navigate, I can use the Start page instead of the taskbar.

Right click the taskbar and select “Show app icons” or it will leave them off entirely. Which is ok, too. It’s just hard to break that habit of switching between apps by clicking their icons on the taskbar. If you can see them…..lol.

The Start page is a terrible waste of space. I don’t know what gives with that. Really can’t decide on any reason whatsoever as to why someone designed it with so much wasted space. So your tiles will quickly fill the cramped space they give, and then it’s slow-down time with having to scroll the Start page to access your links.

But there is a way to improve use, by switching “fit more apps” to the ON position. It still makes little sense, because if they know you could use more space, why don’t they just make use of all that wasted space? but who knows. I imagine it’s just a mound of foundation code that nobody wanted to rewrite to make the Start page more efficient.

If a user had a choice between more space for tiles, or having a group header — who wouldn’t choose more space? just in glancing at it, about one-third to one-half of the Start page space is wasted and left with its only function to be decoration. which if the entire Start page was open to use for tiles, the user themselves could decide how much background they wanted to have show through.

Anyway, pretty much sums up a few ways to modernize your Windows 10 and make it feel like something a little more progressive.

1. Switch to Tablet Mode
2. Reduce taskbar icon size
3. Turn on “fit more apps”
4. Learn to navigate from the Start page

Oh, and even the “desktop apps” like firefox, will open fully maximized in Tablet Mode.

For that reason alone, I’m keeping it to Tablet Mode. Wasting time resizing windows leaves me with a slow burn where I don’t realize I’m getting angry, but the anger builds. Having to constantly fix something that should have been programmed differently, just gnaws at my tolerance and then will notice that are on the computer less or simply not as happy to be on the computer.

The switch to Windows 10 left me uncomfortable because I was doing a slow burn. But now, maybe I can dowse that fire with the waters of sensibility — and actually get some work done.

Windows 10 out of the box is a clunky thing with little difference in functionality since the 2003 versions. But a more modern interface is just under the surface, waiting to be found.


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