oh now now don’t fret

sit in metal chair
wonder how much longer
tap a pen
ask a question or two

hair never done right
lipstick chewed
coffee and more coffee

better by far
sit at home
going over budget
sitcoms and games
computing futures

on save the world first
then have ice cream

don’t ask me to rescue myself
it’s easy to always do the right thing
calculating how much wrong
can be allotted to increase options

that’s the trick
do you ever try to look at yourself
like you’re a stranger?
my type cannot see its own type

queen of the dirtslides
shoring superfluous anthills
sturdy sandcastles
childhood watched
the shore
bled for every single one

hands can still feel the wet sand
talent means talent to return

that is why
everyone could jump in the lake
and i’d say, “gee, the lake is full.”

what do you have en-grained?

forever and one long-forgotten day
on the edges of time
this construct
of striking infinity has no keys

life IS causality

empty chairs
have their effect, too



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